Behind the Curtain

We don’t just let anyone back here to see how the magic is made. We are glad you found us!

About the host, Jenni Benson

Jenni Benson brings humor, insightfulness, and a different perspective to this podcast. Like you, she loves nature, travel, and food. She is also incredibly curious about how our minds work and how our bodies intersect with our minds. 


Jenni is not afraid of taboo subjects or a little swearing. You’ll get all this in a refreshing, unique podcast. It may not be for the faint of heart or for those not open to hearing a new perspective. Consider this your warning, so if you feel like leaving a bad review because something offended you – don’t. You’ll just look ignorant. 

A Note From Jenni

Since I was little I have been a curious person, and a bit of a maverick. I have a fascination with the history of people, places, and cultures—which has evolved into travel and adventure. Over the years, I have had amazing people come in and out of my life who have helped shaped me into a continuously growing, healing, and evolving person. 

In my 20s I started learning about the metaphysical world and astrology. I was in my 30s when I wanted to start the REAL process of healing from my childhood and that is when I found out I am an Empath. And now in my 40s, I have been starting to understand how the mind, body, and spirit all come together.

This podcast evolved from something a dear friend said to me in May 2020. Originally it was going to be a blog, but it evolved into a podcast instead since I have a “gift for gab”. For those of you who know a little bit of Astrology, I have a Scorpio Mercury placement which leads me to investigate information, be able to go deep in conversation, and yet come out laughing.

NO topics are off-limits. Taboos and swearing are my favorites. However, since I like talking about soooo many subjects—you never know what will get into. 

Jenni’s passion is good health:

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